California (selected tracks)

by PC Muñoz and the Amen Corner



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released July 10, 2004

"California" found PC Muñoz and the Amen Corner paying homage to 80s funk and new wave, with guest spots by rock legend Jackson Browne, Prince and the Revolution keyboardist Dr. Fink, and vocalist extraordinaire Dave Worm.

Originally released on the Beevine Records label in 2004.

Photography by Anthony Two Moons; design by Paul Ruxton



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PC Muñoz San Francisco, California

PC Muñoz is a recording artist, producer, and drummer based in San Francisco. His diverse body of work includes collaborations across multiple mediums, from GRAMMY-nominated contemporary classical music and modern dance productions to CMJ-charting funk songs and free jazz explorations. His work has been praised by NPR, Performing Songwriter, DownBeat, and many others. Learn more at ... more

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Track Name: California feat. Jackson Browne
From the bottom to the top, from the water to the rock
From the desert to the sea, there's no place else I want to be
'Cause the voices from the soil tell tales of their toil
And the buried bones they cry when they sing their lulllaby
And the souls that still remain call me by my name
They let me know I'm not alone
They assure me I am home

I'm in love with California
Every mountain, every lake
Every redwood, every valley
How I love the Golden State

Just outside the mission, religion in transition
It's a brand new composition, learned from the same position
Like a hermit in the valley, like a madman in the woods
When I do my dance too hard or fast the earth shakes real good
So they put up guns and borders to show us where they stand
But I grew gills and fins my friends, and swam across the land


The streets of San José
The murals of LA
The trees in Trinity
All over Berkeley

Track Name: The Passing of Time
The Passing of Time

there's a new day on the horizon; i can see the morning sun
tomorrow has a way of finding you no matter where you run
all your doubts and disappointments, your sorrows and your fears
your joys and all your glories, they whisper through the years
every conversation, every word you've said
every time that you've forgotten the sacred and the dead
all the loves that you have buried
every sin that you've denied
each memory that visits you
in the quiet of your mind

don't know it makes me so sad inside
it's just the passing of time

i can swear the rocks are speaking; singing someone's name
sayin' "to dust you will return one day, 'cause from dust is where you came"
there are friends i have deserted, and some i don't think of
there are women i've forgotten, and some that i still love
that's why they say remember
and hold your moments close
memorize the faces of the folks you love the most

here's a toast to your favorite ghost
and the passing of time

raise your glass, this won't last
it's the passing of time

don't know why it makes me so sad inside
it's just the passing of time