Rugged Individual​/​Fish & Crab

by PC Muñoz

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With his new release "Rugged Individual/Fish & Crab", San Francisco recording artist/producer/drummer PC Muñoz delves deep into both sides of his family's roots, from the European-descended wagon train pioneers on his mother's side to the indigenous Micronesian/Pacific Islander lineage of his father. Utilizing drums, electronics, and voice, "Rugged Individual" was composed during a weeklong stay in the Sierra Nevada mountains while contemplating old west mythology and its relationship to the nation's current bruising and bruised psyche. The beats-and-belembaotuyan-driven "Fish & Crab" radically re-imagines an ancient Chamoru art form, resulting in a sound equally of the land and of the times. The dual pieces are available as one single.

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released January 27, 2017

"Rugged Individual"
Written and produced by PC Muñoz
PCM: electronics, drumkit, voice
Recorded and mixed by Willie Samuels @ Studio Trilogy, SF, CA

"Fish & Crab"
Written, produced, recorded, and mixed by PC Muñoz @ Studio Trilogy, SF, CA
PCM: belembaotuyan, programming, percussion, voice

Mastered by Gary Hobish/A. Hammer Mastering, SF, CA



all rights reserved


PC Muñoz San Francisco, California

PC Muñoz is a recording artist, producer, and drummer based in San Francisco. His diverse body of work includes collaborations across multiple mediums, from Grammy-nominated contemporary classical music to public art installations to CMJ-charting R&B and funk. His work has been praised by NPR, Performing Songwriter, DownBeat, URB, and many others. Learn more at ... more

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Track Name: Rugged Individual
My ancestors slit the throat of a Jesuit
300 years later I almost became one.

Ancestors from much more recent times came West in a wagon.
Buckshot, bourbon, hardtack.
Became pioneers in Clayton, California, just across the bridge from San Francisco, at the foot of Mt. Diablo.
Great-Great-Grandfather George created the Chapman Hotel and sired many a child, including my great-grandmother, Lillian.

Warriors, seafarers, renegade lawmen, poets, target shooters, jilted cuckolds, crackerjack explorers.
Suicidal depressives.
Beautiful women.
Rugged individuals.

But times have changed.
Like Chuck D said, "Welcome to the Terrordome."
Duel at high noon, paradigm to paradigm.
No holds barred on the astral plane.
Pack your spiritual six-shooter, you’re gonna need it
There’s a bounty on your soul but you get to choose who takes it
Gotta serve somebody, Zimmy said.
It might be that mammon and it might be the heavens
But you’re gonna have to serve somebody

So giddyup little doggies
And ready aim fire
The streets of Laredo are piled with dead bodies
And signs that say KEEP OUT
Go ahead and cry for me Susanna
I ain’t goin to Alabama
‘cause my darling Clementine is right here

Rugged meant tough, principled, determined
Brave and family first
Go your own way when you have to

Barons and flimflam men
Charlatans of the spirit
Play hocus pocus with reality
Change the rules at their whim
Calling it bottom line
To each one's own for every single living creature
And here’s some raggedy bootstraps
If you can’t pull yourself up with 'em
Maybe you can cook ‘em up for stew
The last campfire might be made from the remains of your home

If you have one.

There is only going forward there is no going back
And to paraphrase John Donne no person is an island
no matter how rugged you think you are



Track Name: Fish & Crab
The fish is in the ocean
The crab is on the land
I am not a fish or crab
But our dreams go hand in hand