Happy Hour

by PC Muñoz

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02:37 video


Singles collection, 2009-2016


released September 2, 2016

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PC Muñoz San Francisco, California

PC Muñoz is a recording artist, producer, and drummer based in San Francisco. His diverse body of work includes collaborations across multiple mediums, from GRAMMY-nominated contemporary classical music and modern dance productions to CMJ-charting funk songs and free jazz explorations. His work has been praised by NPR, Performing Songwriter, DownBeat, and many others. Learn more at pcmunoz.com ... more

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Track Name: Wrong

Now that Pluto ain’t a planet, tell me, what else might be wrong?
Maybe a day is 60 minutes and a year’s an hour long
Maybe all mammals should be flying, maybe snakes have hidden legs
Maybe Buddha built the pyramids and blessed each rod and peg
And maybe Reagan was a hero? I tend to doubt that...
Lies arise within disguise--the pendulum and the pit

Maybe time is made of peanuts, maybe space is just a song
Maybe the people that you know are just one hit off your bong
Maybe gravity is evil--keeps you down all day and night
Free yourself and you’ll go soaring past the moon, the speed of light
And maybe hipsters are the cool ones?
I better cop that hat
Somebody tell me please, 'cause I forget:
Do I like this, or that?

Now that Pluto ain’t a planet, tell me
What else is wrong?

Maybe chickens never cross the road--I’ve never seen it live
Maybe there is no oxygen, it’s just another lie
Maybe the sun is just a movie we have paid to see
And the past is just a fiction that never came to be
I’m calling it out to folks I know to join me in a song
‘Cause if Pluto ain’t a planet I wanna know what else is wrong

Now that Pluto ain’t a planet, tell me
What else is wrong?
Track Name: I ♥ U
If you've ever been
lonely, heartbroken, or sad

Or lost your belief
that there's more good than bad

It just takes a second or two of your day
to turn to a friend or a stranger and say

I ♥ U
I ♥ U
I ♥ U
I ♥ U

Yes I do

I ♥ U